Investing in VAULT coin is good

for your health Bitcoin


Locked coins

Total VAULT coins locked and earning staking rewards for investors on VAULT platform


Total max supply

Current supply 828,814 VAULT, and only 3 million VAULT will ever be generated



Custom rates of 30%+ available with select products


Creating innovation

For more than 4 years, Vault has been creating unique investment concepts for long-term investors

Key features for VAULT coin investors

High returns

VAULT created a new form of investing for long-term holders looking for a better return on their money than banks and many traditional investments typically offer or provide

VAULT coin evolves

VAULT coin has been delivering innovative unique investment opportunities to investors since genesis

Similar to but easier than DeFi

Like DeFi, VAULT uses locked coins to support value and reward holders staking, but we have simplified the process as there is no need to download any wallets or connect browser extensions such as MetaMask

Established and proven

VAULT coin was created for the long run and has been rewarding investors with generous returns since 2019

All about supply and demand

VAULT coin takes this to a whole new level with high lock and scarcity adding stability for all market conditions

Stronghold Diamond Hands

A valuable long-term investment in VAULT coin with 200%+ return Learn more


For long-term investors

CRYO-Investing is unique and exclusive to VAULT platform customers and can be the perfect solution for investors looking for an easier way to invest, by using locked coins to provide a passive income. This is similar to how locking of coins is performed mainly in DeFi on the blockchain. Learn more.

  • ❄️ Is the quickest, easiest way to invest in VAULT coin
  • ❄️ Supports exchange buybacks and project development
  • ❄️ Helps protect against market manipulation by whales
  • ❄️ Is unique and exclusive to VAULT platform users
All About CRYO

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CRYO-Investment packs and all CRYO VAULT coins are locked indefinitely to help support VAULT coin, and the staking rewards they produce are unlocked and can be traded on exchanges to provide a passive income

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