VAULT coin's CRYO-Investing feature offers the easiest, quickest way to invest in VAULT coin and start earning staking rewards every single day. There are no wallets or apps to download, and no browser extensions (such as MetaMask) or connections are needed.

CRYO-Investing is so easy

VAULT platform users can easily deposit Bitcoin, purchase CRYO VAULT coin packs and instantly start earning staking rewards with options to reinvest/compound, manually withdraw, or schedule automatic daily, weekly or monthly withdrawals to a non-KYC exchange where they can be traded with a Minimum Guaranteed Price in Bitcoin.


CRYO VAULT coins produce the same number of staking rewards as standard (non-CRYO) VAULT coins on VAULT platform. The one main difference is that CRYO VAULT coins are frozen indefinitely and cannot be taken off the platform, however CRYO VAULT coins can be moved around on the platform, allowing the sale and transfer to another user’s account to provide them with all the benefits of the previous owner.

The staking rewards from CRYO VAULT coins are unfrozen/unlocked, and VAULT platform users can reinvest and/or withdraw them from their accounts and trade them on public exchanges to provide a passive income. All rewards sold on exchanges are backed by a buy wall with a Minimum Guaranteed Price in Bitcoin.

On February 9th, 2021, VAULT coin project released VAULTility, featuring an exchange buyback program backed by fully transparent, publicly viewable/verifiable funds, with a Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) in Bitcoin that is displayed on the VAULT Investments platform. The MGP is reviewed and set monthly by the VAULT Reserve Board of investors and team.

Thanks to VAULTility, holders of VAULT coin on VAULT platform know in advance that they can sell the generous staking rewards they receive, currently at a Minimum Guaranteed Price or higher on exchanges.

Many investors use DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) in their cryptocurrency and mainly Bitcoin investments. VAULTility now makes it possible to use SCA (Satoshi-Cost Averaging) to cost average a Bitcoin investment in VAULT coin, as an added bonus to earning currently double-digit % staking rewards, and we have been doing this for over 10 months through all movements of Bitcoin prices.

CRYO-Investing is transparent

CRYO-Investing, your own secure VAULT

“Not your keys, not your coins” is a common mantra heard in the world of crypto. But you will also often hear of investors losing funds through hacks and scams, even though or because the “keys” were in the possession of the victims.

The VAULT project team went the extra mile to create a secure environment, partly by using third-party authorization for registration of customer accounts. A Telegram, Discord or Google account can be used for account registration and sign in. This adds an extra layer of security, as users not only secure their VAULT platform account by using the security tools of the platform, but they can also take further steps by securing the third-party account they used for platform registration. Additionally, there are VAULT platform user security tools, including 2FA using mobile phone apps and unique personal user questions as part of account registration, that can be used to determine if a user is the rightful owner to assist with account recovery. We also added many extra security layers, including an automated thresholds monitoring platform, machine learning of user habits, and CRYO-Investing’s exclusive protection.

CRYO adds an extra layer of security for our fortress. Let’s examine the unlikely event of someone getting your VAULT platform account login details and gaining access to your account containing all of your valuable CRYO VAULT coin assets. Even if they did manage to get through our layers of security, which include monitoring tools for “irregular behavior,” they would still be unable to remove your CRYO VAULT coins because they are locked in cold storage and cannot be removed from the platform.

VAULT coin was designed to generate a long-term passive income for your future, retirement and beyond. CRYO VAULT coins are frozen in a user’s account on the platform, but they can still be moved around the platform when selling or transferring to another user. This facilitates the possibility to pass it on as an inheritance, if and when the need arises, so your family and loved ones will continue to receive the passive income CRYO VAULT coins were designed to offer.

CRYO-Investing, for you and your family’s future

CRYO-Investing helps fund project development and exchange buybacks

CRYO-Investing allows VAULT project to raise additional funds used for continued development. Note that VAULT project has never sold coins on any exchanges, which has further added to the high lock of coins and stability for investors.

All CRYO-Investment packs sold not only raise essential funds for project development but assist in non-CRYO VAULT coin buybacks from exchanges to support the Minimum Guaranteed Price in Bitcoin. All VAULT coins purchased by VAULT project (buybacks) on exchanges are transferred to VAULT platform to be frozen in CRYO, and will never leave our platform again.

We could have created a large number of coins to inflate the market cap so that we could shout loudly about how high our market cap is, but instead we aimed for quality over quantity, because we believe the price and stability of VAULT coin matter more for us and investors.

Due to the low maximum supply of VAULT coin and high lock in CRYO, there is a natural scarcity of VAULT coins outside the platform on the open market. Furthermore, with additional planned uses for CRYO VAULT coins, they should become even more scarce.

CRYO, less is more

CRYO is ethically decentralized

VAULT Investments created VAULT coin and the CRYO feature as a means to provide a stable price by taking the importance of supply and demand to a whole new level. The concept was to create a coin that could hold and perform strongly in all market conditions. It also needed built-in protection against whale manipulation. The result has produced a centralized investment environment with decentralized ethics, by attempting to treat everyone as equal.

One of the remaining challenges for CRYO VAULT coins is to provide a more efficient way to trade them with other users. CRYO Marketplace will aim to be the perfect solution for the exclusive trading of CRYO VAULT coins.

The planned CRYO Marketplace is the future of CRYO-Investing and will use set criteria to facilitate the buying and selling of CRYO VAULT coins from user to user. Buyers and sellers will list to enable transactions to take place, and VAULT coin will be used as payment for all applicable fees.

CRYO Marketplace is the future

Example of past investment perfomance of VAULT coin vs Bitcoin

The following example uses “set and forget” HODL principles and compares a $4,700 investment in Bitcoin to a $4,700 investment in VAULT coin:

In June 2019, 0.6 Bitcoin cost ~$4,700 and grew to a value of ~$34,643 by November 25th, 2021, a 637% USD value increase just for holding.

In June 2019, a $4,700 (0.6 Bitcoin) investment in VAULT coin grew to a value of ~$60,127 (1.04 Bitcoin) by November 25th, 2021, a ~1,179% USD value and ~73% Bitcoin value increase just for holding

Past performance does not guarantee future performance or results. All investments can carry an element of risk.

We try our best to make CRYO-Investing clear and simple, but we do understand that as CRYO is unique, you might need more assistance after reviewing all of our content.

There might also be times when you can't find the CRYO VAULT coin investment pack size you are looking for, or are looking to make a custom-sized investment.

Rest assured, we are always available to help with all inquires and assist with your investment requirements.

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CRYO-Investing is easy, fun and powerful