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I have started looking around on this VAULT.Investments project, and why is there so much talk about PAWS?

PAWS.Fund is another project, which you can read more about on PAWS.Fund Holding LLC. is the parent company of both projects, and while VAULT.Investments has the mission to improve the conditions for investing in crypto and masternode projects in particular, PAWS has a mission to improve the conditions for animals globally. PAWS will aim to do so by providing funding for existing animal charity organisations. VAULT.Investments will aim to support PAWS, whenever possible by providing donations to PAWS, by reducing the circulating PAWS supply and a number of other things like ioptionally taking partial payment for listing fees in PAWS.

After reading the white paper I see it mentioned that projects will pay in Paws and vault to be listed?

Yes that is correct it will be a combination of PAWS and Vault which we will agree with each individually. Right now it would be 100% PAWs to list as we don't have VAULT yet but I have already started the outreach for some of the standard listings.

I don’t see any mention that investors will need to pay in paws to use the platform??

Fees to use the platform will only be taken in the listed coin or 50% rate in VAULT.

If all investors will be required to pay 5000 paws to use the platform then you might want to explain that better in the white paper.

There will be no no strings attached to host your PAWS or VAULT. They will be free to host. There is no lock in required for PAWS . I say required

Presale is not the only reason for the platform, right? Why not have ALL projects part of CRYO (in fact, i could probably argue to make vault/cryo one thing)? for those existing projects that are trusted and proven, grant them CRYO participation and use them as a test bed for grading. then you could post the score for them with an * since they may have already proven themselves?

We can't use existing projects for CRYO because once they are in presale once they have started their chain and given out coins, we can't give our investors or their projects protection. Of course we can grade existing projects but CRYO is new startups only.

Instead of just being an incubator for coin projects, it could be a general ranking system. It's kinda like a KYD for projects. That way you're not just attracting people for early/presale opportunities, you'll get investors looking to see why projects ARE doing good as well as why we suspect new projects WILL succeed. It could just be me, but trying to think like an uninformed investor poking around the crypto world!?

This is actually part of our service that we will provide to CRYO projects. It would give them a gold ranking. Which would be our most trusted projects for investors. Silver or Gold should be attractive to CRYO investors. This is all included in our whitepaper as part of a flexible custom service we will offer.

I've read the white paper, it sounded like CRYO is just masternodes that cant be sold, and if the project pays more - it can enable the different levels of protection, only the TOP of which means the project has been vetted and approved by someone (PAWS for example). So, would a project have to be SOLELY hosted on VAULT to be able to participate in CRYO?

CRYO is much more than just a locked mastenode. It is an exclusive club for investors, that will provide access to all incoming projects,. If you invest in CRYO you will have your own private channels and direct contact with project owners. We will provide more than just listing for projects. If required we will assist them with development of their project and blockchain. Their business is our business and we want to ensure we have quality projects to offer our investors. CRYO investors will get the option to buy all presales before the public as well as many other benefits and rewards we have planned. Yes the presale stage will only be hosted on the VAULT platform.

Sorry guys - I don't mean to be extra critical, but the last MN project i was involved with created a 'sister' project that sounded good at the high levels, but when questions started being asked - both dissappeared! i seriously doubt PAWS is going anywhere - thats been laid out pretty clearly (and most of you know i'm all in with paws!), just want to make sure there's plenty of thought and clarification put into an additional project that could potentially take attention away from PAWS!

Well for a start we will always encourage questions from potential investors. It is your money and you have a right to ask anything that you feel will put you at ease to make an informed decision. I'm also sure you might have noticed that VAULT might be separate to PAWS but we have still got PAWS in our minds and PAWS users are already getting benefits with free hosting and more uses for the PAWS coin. Our new platform will linked to our upcoming tracking tool paltform so investors will be able to send a % of their rewards to charities of their choice, which will all be transparent and available in their tracking platform account. VAULT should be regarded as an addition to the PAWS Fund Holdings, LLC ecosystem and a great benefit to PAWS and our charity PAWS Fund Inc.