How it works

Cryptocurrency investments usually focus around Bitcoin, and perhaps other high cap Altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and more. While this is a solid initial starting point, it largely omits proper portfolio diversification. Using a bifurcation approach of holding larger caps and harvesting the unique earning power of masternode coins is a superior method, but too complicated for the average investor. At VAULT Investments, we eliminate that level of difficulty with our shared masternode hosting platform and our new masternode investment fund products.

An initial investment of approximately 0.1 - 0.15 BTC (estimated price at time of writing) is required to obtain 100 VAULT coins from the exchange. These are placed in your own account on the VAULT Investments shared masternode platform. To participate in the pool, these coins are frozen/locked, but all rewards generated can still be withdrawn or reinvested. Even if you choose to reinvest for maximum rewards and growth, through masternodes shares compounding, only the initial 100 coins remain frozen. This gives you all the benefits of the pool with no further investment required.

Investment and entrance requirements are subject to change.

We do not use your funds. Your invested funds remain in your account at all times.

Invest in 3 easy steps:

Sign up

Sign up for your own user account on VAULT Investments platform.

Obtain 100 VAULT

Obtain 100 VAULT coins and deposit into your user account.

Freeze & Enjoy

Agree to freeze your VAULT coins for pool benefits.
Sit back and enjoy multiple streams of passive income with the knowledge your funds are in your own account.


Starting Capital

VAULT Investments will provide the initial startup collateral for the shared masternode investment fund.

Selecting Projects for pool

Suitability of additional shared pool projects will be selected using an advanced algorithm involving price, ROI, project development cycle, use case, community, marketing, age and other factors.

Allocation of shares

Shares will be released in batches and added to the pool gradually to ensure continued profitability for investors.

Our Pool Benefits

Passive Income Opportunity

50% of profits go directly to pool participants accounts, deposited in BTC, LTC or other relevant cryptocurrency.

Early Join Bonus (Limited time Only)

1 month of VAULT PRIME subscription. Already a PRIME holder? 10 Frozen VAULT coins bonus.

Initial Pool Capital Provided

The initial capital value of the start-up funds exceeds $20,000

Investor Profitability Maintained

Shares will be added gradually in batches when growth has been established. Further funding will be directly added from VAULT Investments, when available.

Our larger VAULT WHALE Pool is available for the “discerning” investor, looking for a larger share of the action. All the benefits of the shared pool, including a higher value masternode portfolio and other exclusive private benefits are part of the premium package.

Current WHALE Pool requirements: 1 VAULT Masternode and an additional 0.5 BTC investment. Or 1 VAULT Masternode purchased in OTC from VAULT Investments, with no additional investment required.

All VAULT coins stay in users accounts on the VAULT Platform.